Legacy Of Discord Battle Of Ratting

How To Boost Your Legacy Of Discord Battle Of Ratting

Legacy is a very popular action-fantasy mobile game that will entice any mobile gamer who is into RPGs. From the moment, you start playing the game; you will find that you will be hooked by the interesting storyline that is offered by the game. In Legacy of Discord, you must choose a hero or character that you will use to fight the LOD demons of darkness. The game offers numerous important features. One of the important things in the game is the Battle Rating also known as BR. The BR how powerful you are in the game, so as a new player, you may be wondering how to make yourself stronger. The following are some of the things to do to boost your Battle Rating:

Wrathwings – In Legacy of Discord, their numerous features, one of them is Wrathwings, which are quite important. Wrathwings will not only increase your Battle Rating tips and tricks but also your characters strength. Wrathwings make your character stronger. One can acquire Raging souls from the Plunder arena and the resource dungeon.

Blitz – A very fast way to complete the quests or adventures of the game. A few examples include Runic Realm, Tower of Eternity, City Defense. Blitz will boost your BR, but you need to be aware that it will also consume one’s Stamina.
Revelation – When you complete a chapter or level, you will earn stars. As you progress, you can use the stars to level up revelation and unlock unique features. This will increase your Battle Rating.

VIP – You may not be interested in upgrading to VIP because of the payment, but it Is an ideal way of increasing your legacy of discord cheats BR. It is a fast way to boost your strength. When you decide to do so, you will need to be VIP15 from the beginning.

Daily Quests – When playing Legacy of Discord, you need to make sure to complete your daily tasks. This will help your character level up and earn you some diamonds and gold.
These are important methods that can be used to increase one’s Battle Rating as they play Legacy of Discord. This is important for new players of the game.