Monster Legends Tips- Ways To Make Your Battle Tricks Right


Monster Legends tips- ways to make your battle tricks right

When you visit an online site, you can find thousands of monster games. If you are playing monster epic games, then I am sure you will surely fall in love with the monster legends. This is one of the most popular games as they are free-to-play monster legends cheats and allow players to build their monster island, fascinating creatures, breed strange, and fight enemies in the battle arena. If you also love playing this game then this monster legends tips will easily help you win the battle.

In this fascinating game, you can combine two monsters to create a new and powerful creature. There is not such story, just a monster battle which has become quite addicting for the players. You can even add your friends and recruit them to get various rewards, and this is a quite rewarding experience for the players to play this game. As we all are familiar with the game dragon city, but there are still few things to know more to avoid so that you will not lose the monster battle or lose cash for gems. So this monster legends tricks will help you easily win the battle, make green fight creatures and earn more rewards.

The adventure map provides its players a chance to battle with the host of creatures. You even get an opportunity to easily fight the monsters and earn free coins, gems, gold, and other rewards after defeating the deadly creatures. Battling monster seems simple, but defeating them is quite difficult. So there are some strategies made that will help you know that how you can easily defeat those boss monsters and creatures.

Few essentials monster legends tips:

1. Know the affiliations of enemy monsters- before you hit the fight button; you will eventually get one chance to make formation right and help you know where your enemies are. You can also check the elemental affiliation. Make sure that every element is weaker or stronger than every other element. For example, monster guarded to the fire element makes additional damages to the monster belonging to the water element. So, in order, to know more about the weaknesses and strength of the monsters, you can visit their official game site and refer the table as this will help you know that which monster is stronger or weaker.

2. Form the team correctly- once you identify the enemy, it’s time for you to make your team. Choose the monsters with high elemental affiliations stronger than other enemy monsters. If you need a stronger one than click the change button to move to the stronger monster if you think that previous one is weaker.

3. Use special items in the battle- while battling, players can even choose some special items to defense, attack and heal by clicking the “recharge button.”Now you can click the “buy” button to buy those special items but after using gold and coins, now you can click on the enemy creature if you need to attack them.

So these were the few monster legends hack you can use to win the game and defeat the enemy monsters. By doing so, you can also earn more items such as gold, keys and other special rewards.